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Spielberg remaking James Stewart classic

JamesStewart.jpgWell perhaps classic is playing the film up a bit, but it's certainly a film that James Stewart is very well known for. It's an adaptation of a play from Mary Chase and is a role that Stewart played many times, in film, on television remaking the film, and on stage.

Now Steven Spielberg is set to produce and direct a modern day version of the tale of Harvey, the man who holds a friendship with an invisible, six foot rabbit.

This reminds me of Steven Spielberg remaking A Guy Named Joe starring Spencer Tracy as Always starring Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Brad Johnson, John Goodman and Audrey Hepburn. That was a perfect film, it looked gorgeous, was filled with gorgeous moments and scenes, and definitely hit the right spot for a tear jerker if ever I saw one. I love that film.

So perhaps Spielberg can remake another film associated with a classic actor, that of Harvey and James Stewart. It seems that's what he's setting out to do.

The Hollywood Reporter have the news that Spielberg is set to direct the remake as well as co-produce. There's not much else on the story other than the pre-production is starting now and filming due to begin early next year.

I have to feel for the person who's set to take Stewart's old role considering he playing him on the film, television and multiple times on the stage version of the story, but it is the film Harvey that most will remember.

No casting yet though, but who's going to be good enough to take the James Stewart role?



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