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Spread Red Band trailer

Spread.jpgSpread the red band trailer, what would you expect? Well considering the material lot's of lovely naked ladies. What do you get? A more rear than profile shot of a naked lady where you see nothing more than you would in a clever shampoo advert, the curve of a breast and that's it.

Maybe I missed something, but that seems hardly enough to warrant a red band trailer, oh mind you that's an American rating so maybe it does. Not that I'm desperate to see a trailer filled with naked ladies, it's just that it seems rather false advertising, especially when most of the trailer is what we've already seen.

I do believe it's time that the film-makers claimed back the trailer and when they sign a contract to make the film it stipulates that the director has, at least, complete say over the marketing material that goes out to the public. Perhaps this one was, but it seems rather mislabelled and very much like the last one.

The film is from director David Mackenzie, Hallam Foe (Filmstalker review), and is a comedy about a man who comes to Los Angeles and becomes a serial womaniser, enjoying the high life through the high profile women he seduces.

Then one day he meets a waitress whom he falls for, and she has the same talent he does, pretty soon she's playing him and he's getting a serious taste of his own medicine.

Ashton Kutcher stars as the serial womaniser, and Margarita Levieva as the woman he falls for, while Anne Heche plays the high society woman that he's currently romancing.

This latest trailer for Spread looks kind of fun, and does remind me of a more modern Shampoo which starred Warren Beatty, and to a degree there's a similarity between the two actors. I'm still holding out hope for this one, but I'm not sure this trailer is doing anything new or worthwhile. Of course as a first time viewing it works a treat.

Here's the trailer through IGN Movies.



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