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St. Elmo's Fire the series

StElmosFire.jpgAlthough not a John Hughes film, St. Elmo's Fire is, to a degree, from the same mould of films and could be said to look at the characters from some of his films at a slightly later stage in their lives. It certainly does take a similar approach to the characters.

While I don't write so much about television here, the thought of the St. Elmo's Fire film being adapted for television is another project that falls on the bad idea pile for me this week, and it leaves me wondering if it really has any connection with the film other than the title.

St. Elmo's Fire was the story of a group of friends who had just graduated and were coming to terms with the real world around them and what it meant to each of them as an individual. There are definitely parallels to be drawn with Hughes work, just at an earlier stage in the character's lives.

The original St. Elmo's Fire was co-written and directed by Joel Schumacher, and starred Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham. It was one of the films that defined the Brat Pack group of actors.

So now there's a move, according to Reuters through Yahoo News, to make the film into a television series. While they say that the name will remain the same, I can't see that the idea has anything more to do with St. Elmo's Fire than it does with the multitude of soap series chronicling a group of teens/tweens just coming out of school/college/university and having to deal with the rigours of college/university/real life.

Then to pitch it as a comedy/drama series and focus it around a Bar and Grill called St. Elmo's?

Wow, this is sounding more like Friends crossed with a multitude of One Tree Creek type series more and more. Why exactly are they connecting it with St. Elmo's Fire?



It's definitely getting worse with all this remakes, rehash, reboot, or whatever they want to call it but at the end of the day, these can never beat the originals.

Absolutely, and in this particular case I can't see that they can say it's St. Elmo's Fire when they're basically remaking every other young soap series since.


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