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Stalked: Casting for Straw Dogs and The Losers, Hugh Grant quitting again, White Chicks 2, Nichols in Deep Water, DeLorean's director

Straw Dogs cast grows...

Hugh Grant quits acting again...

White Chicks sequel...

The Losers gains cast...

Mike Nichols is in Deep Water...

DeLorean biographical film gains a director...

The cast is growing for the Straw Dogs remake, and while so far it's not been burning down the houses with the cast list, it has had a few sniffs of interesting. Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård, Rhys Coiro and James Marsden are the current line up, and last week we heard through Rod Lurie's Facebook and JoBlo that James Woods and Dominc Purcell had joined the film and were about to start stunt rehearsals. That was confirmed this morning by Variety.

Lurie wrote the script that sees Marsden play the male lead who takes revenge on the residents of the local town who lay siege to his home and brutally attack his wife played by Bosworth. Skarsgård plays the ex-boyfriend local with it looking like Woods and Purcell also joining the locals.

Hugh Grant is to quit acting again according to his own words to Entertainment Weekly through The Daily Mail, who don't bother to credit the source article. However it's a timely announcement considering that negotiations will be starting regarding the next Bridget Jones film which has already been talked about. He says he suffers terrible panic attacks just as he goes in front of the camera and that they are the reason he's giving it all up, again.

White Chicks is heading for a sequel, and the signs of the apocalypse are complete. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Jason Patric has joined The Losers according to Variety. He's playing the CIA agent who sets up the black ops team to be killed, the team who survive and then turn on the agency that sent them out there, intent on finding who did it and killing them in revenge.

The story say that, rather than being excited by the story itself, Patric was lured by the chance to work with Sylvain White. Considering the films the man has directed I do find that a little hard to swallow. However his quote in the article says something a little different:

”Let's face it, the geeks have inherited the world, and if you want to be a player in this system, you have to be willing to do some of this,...But I wouldn't do 'The Losers' if it wasn't interesting to me as an actor.”

Wow Patric, way to go alienating your audience but a good attempt at recovery too.

Mike Nichols is set to direct and Joe Penhall to write an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1957 novel Deep Water according to Variety. Highsmith wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley and Strangers on a Train. Deep Water tells the story of a married couple who no longer love each other and the husband is dying, he agrees that the wife can take lovers but they mysteriously keep dying.

Alex Holmes, who directed some of House of Saddam, is set to direct the John DeLorean biographical film that will chronicle the man's attempts to fund his car business through whatever means necessary and how he was caught up in an FBI investigation into drug trafficking and was acquitted on grounds of entrapment. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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