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Stalked: Diesel for two Riddicks, Director for Bill Tilden film, Michael Jackson film approved, Megan Fox is fun

Vin Diesel pumps two Riddick sequels...

Big Bill Tilden biographical film gets director...

Michael Jackson This Is It film approved...

Megan Fox is fun...

Vin Diesel pumps two Riddick sequels...
We've heard it all before from Vin Diesel, but he's hoping that they are going to make another Riddick film and that one studio is apparently discussing the opportunity of making two back to back. I'm not so sure and wonder if all this Riddick talk over the years is more marketing than anything. Still, I'd like to see them, especially the darker versions that they've been talking about. The story comes from Vin Diesel's Facebook through Coming Soon

Big Bill Tilden biographical film gets director...
A director has been found for the Bill Tilden biographical film about the tennis legend, Gil Dennis who wrote Walk the Line (Filmstalker review) has written the script and now Pen Densham is set to direct the film about the self-destructive tennis star who won six U.S. Open singles titles in a row, something that Roger Federer is about to attempt himself, and this was in the 1920's. He was also a novelist, playwright and a contract bridge champion. However he died broke and discredited after a few stints in prison for sexual “misbehaviour” with teenage boys as Variety puts it.

Michael Jackson This Is It film approved...
Courts have approved a deal to allow the footage of Michael Jackson practising for his This Is It tour to be crafted into a feature film. The story from Associated Press through Yahoo News tells us that there are hundreds of hours of footage from the rehearsals and behind the scenes to be used, and some of the film will be in 3D.

Megan Fox is fun...
As Jennifer's Body releases a short clip from Megan Fox for a bit of a laugh and plenty of press the backlash against her continues, as Latino Review shows. Some hate her, get upset that she calls herself an actress and generally go to town on her. While I find the fact that she is so honest about her career and work a refreshing change in the masked persona of Hollywood actors and actresses. Personally I hope she turns out to be a really good actress and keeps up her style of straight from the hip talking. I like her, and no, not just because she's extremely alluring!



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