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Stalked: Free Avatar tickets, Poltergeist remake, Brighton Rock remake leads, Paprika live-action

Free tickets for the Avatar IMAX preview...

Poltergeist remake arriving 2010...

Brighton Rock remake gains female lead...

Wolfgang Petersen adapting Paprika for live-action film...

Free tickets for the Avatar IMAX preview...
Free tickets are going to be given out online at the Avatar film site for the sixteen minute Avatar preview which will be in 3D and in IMAX cinemas throughout the US according to The Hollywood Reporter. There's no word on how many screens this will hit internationally, as so many of these US sites forget that there's a world outside of their land mass. According to Fox there will only be two tickets allowed per person and they go online on Monday.

Poltergeist remake arriving 2010...
The Poltergeist remake is coming in November 2010 according to ShockTillYouDrop who have the inside scoop. There's no word on if the director has been changed since last year, but I'm hoping it's still Vadim Perelman.

Brighton Rock remake gains female lead...
Sam Riley is taking the role previously played by Richard Attenborough in the Brighton Rock remake, we already knew that, but now The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Andrea Riseborough is set to play the female lead.

Wolfgang Petersen adapting Paprika for live-action film...
According to Moviehole through Latino Review, Wolfgang Petersen is preparing a live-action version of the novel Paprika. It tells the story of a psychologist who enters the dreams of her patients in order to help them. It's already been an animé, so it'll be interesting to see how he turns it into a reality.

The Cell by the very talented Tarsem Singh received a lot of negative press, but I think was actually a rather good film with some amazing visuals, and that tells a similar story.



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