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Stalked: Olmos in Green Hornet, Langella in Wall Street 2, Underworld 4 in 3D?

A number of questions have arisen today, and are worthy of asking.

The first, is Edward James Olmos starring in The Green Hornet?

Second, is Frank Langella going to star in Wall Street 2?

The third and last, is Underworld 4 going to be in 3D?

Is Underworld 4 going to be in 3D?
Swapping the order about a bit, let's start with last first. Is Underworld 4 going to be in 3D? Well it would be a bit of a safe bet since all manner of films are leaping on the bandwagon, grabbing the gimmick and making it the main selling point of the film.

I suspect though that some of the original stars won't be returning, or perhaps they like the idea of a 3D gimmick based film throwing werewolves, vampires and weaponry at the screen.

Of course it could be done right, and that's to treat the 3D aspect as any other additional layer to a film, just like lighting and cinematography, rather than letting it overrun the film and especially the story.

I doubt that will happen with Underworld though, I think there the action is at the fore and that the franchise is aging a little, so it would probably mean exploiting the 3D aspect for everything it has.

ShockTillYouDrop through EW Popwatch says that the film will shoot in 3D but that so far no one knows who will be returning from the previous cast, if anyone.

I struggle to believe that the bigger names will return for a 3D instalment. Then again, perhaps they will treat the 3D aspect properly and not be so blatant with the effects. Still, I can't get over the restrictive viewing glasses.
3D, Underworld 4

Is Frank Langella going to star in Wall Street 2?
Frank Langella is apparently in talks to join the cast of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps as it is being called for now. He's negotiating to play the mentor character of Shia LaBeouf who turns out to have a major part in how the plot turns out. The story comes from Variety.

Is Edward James Olmos starring in The Green Hornet?
Edward James Olmos was cornered at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con by HollywoodSnitch through Coming Soon and revealed that he's next up to star in The Green Hornet. Nothing more was said.



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