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Stalked: Volcano, 32 Candles, Wall Street 2, Brighton Rock, 44 Inch Chest, Black Dynamite, I Am Number 4, Vanishing on Seventh Street, The Town

The writer of The Sopranos and Rescue Me is tackling a film for Luc Besson, Volcano...

32 Candles gets an adaptation, standard romantic comedy I think...

Susan Sarandon on Wall Street 2...

Helen Mirren and Pete Postlethwaite on Brighton Rock remake...

Ray Winstone's 44 Inch Chest gets a distribution deal...

Black Dynamite gets a distribution deal too...

I Am Number 4 gets writers...

Vanishing on Seventh Street gains a number of big stars...

Ben Affleck's The Town gains more cast...

Michael Caleo, writer for The Sopranos and Rescue Me, has been pulled into Volcano by Luc Besson who is producing the film. According to Variety the story will be about the Bahamian island of Norman's Cay which became the focus of the right hand man of Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder, turning it into a centre of cocaine smuggling and a hedonistic paradise. Caleo spins a great tale on the story saying:

"This guy's character is fascinating. His father was a Nazi hiding in South America until he was captured and killed by Jewish fighters...He built this coke empire to give back to the poor, but it all became twisted...

...The island had been owned by vacationers, and one was Walter Cronkite, and when he sailed in with his yacht, he was greeted by men with guns who would not let him on the island...He said, 'Do you know who I am?,' and they were shooting at him. About five years later, when the case was tried in Florida, it looked like all the testimony came from ex-cons, when the doors open and Cronkite walks up and takes the stand. Lehder was sentenced to 125 years."

Sounds an interesting story.

32 Candles, a Sixteen Candles sequel for a modern generation? The story is a typical one. Pretty plain woman from a small town heads off to Los Angeles and reinvents herself as a beautiful lounge singer. That's where she runs into her high school crush who doesn't remember who she is and falls in love with her. It comes from Ernessa Carter's book. The story from Variety has me really unexcited.

Susan Sarandon is in talks to join Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. According to Variety she'll be playing the mother of Shia LaBeouf's young trader character.

Helen Mirren and Pete Postlethwaite have both joined the remake of Brighton Rock, adding more weight to the remake which goes back to the Graham Greene novel rather than the 1947 film. The story comes from Variety.

44 Inch Chest from the writers of Sexy Beast, Louis Mellis and David Scinto, and starring the superb Ray Winstone once again, now alongside Joanne Whalley, Ian McShane, Tom Wilkinson and John Hurt, has been bought for distribution. This story sees Winstone playing a man who discovers his wife has been cheating on him and engages his old buddies to get together and kidnap her lover. Great news that the film has been picked up, shame it sounds like it could be direct to DVD only according to Variety.

Talking of film releases, Black Dynamite (the film the press weren't allowed to see at the EIFF bar one screening) has been bought for distribution. Those that saw the film say that the blaxploitation spoof is a great laugh and deserving of an audience. The film is set to be released on October 16th according to Variety.

Al Gough and Miles Millar are set to adapt I Am Number 4, the novel from Jobie Hughes and James Frey that Michael Bay is producing and considering directing. It tells the story of a group of aliens on Earth hiding out as high school students being hunted by their home planet's enemies. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Vanishing on Seventh Street has gained a number of big stars, Hayden Christensen has signed and both Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo are in negotiations for the film. Directed by Brad Anderson the story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is set in a city where shadowy figures cause residents to disappear

Blake Lively is the latest to join Ben Affleck's thriller The Town, Chris Cooper is also in negotiations to star. The film will tell the story of a female bank manager who was conned by a criminal and his gang and lost her heart and her bank's money, and the FBI Agent who is trying to track down the gang. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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