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The Damned United international trailer

TheDamnedUnited.jpgA new international trailer for The Damned United is online. It is loosely based on Brian Clough's short reign as manager of Leeds United FC.

Michael Sheen has quite a job on his hands, portraying one of the greatest English managers. See what you think inside.

The Damned United tells the story of Brian Clough's 44 days as manager of Leeds United FC. Previously managed by Don Revie, who Clough did not have much time for, Leeds United got more than they bargained for when Clough took over. One of the most popular, charismatic and confident managers to work in the game, Brian Clough causes a bit of a stir.

Peter Morgan has written the script, with Michael Sheen starring in yet another film written by him. Sheen is no stranger to taking off real life people though, having played Tony Blair, Kenneth Williams and David Frost. The trailer below is courtesy of First Showing.net.

I guess the success of the film, will depend on the interest in it from people who were around at the time. And people like me, who have a genuine interest in football. Take a look and see what you think.



was this not out last March or there abouts? It's nearly out on dvd in the uk.

DVD in the UK on 3rd August.

However France, a limited release in the USA, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Singapore are all yet to come starting from 9th September through to 29th October.


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