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The Descent: Part 2 trailer online

TheDescent2.jpgThere's a full trailer for The Descent: Part 2 online and it confirms everything I've said about the idea from the beginning, it's just the same film all over again.

I don't see any other way around it. A group of people go down into the caves, get picked off one by one, there's one survivor (maybe) and the creatures are the ones who do it. What's different there?

Okay, there may be something , particularly in the set-up. You see to begin with Sarah, the survivor from the first film when all the girls but her were murdered one by one, is found after her ordeal, almost insane with fear and struggling to remember what happened.

She tells the police what happened but they don't believe her, obviously, so a team head down with her, despite her protests, to re-enter the caves and find out where the bodies are. You see they really do think that she killed them all.

Well there's your differences so far. Then they get down there, looks liked they are killed one by one and Sarah survives to the end, but this time there might be some big confrontation with the monsters.

Have a look at the trailer for yourself, the trailer comes through IGN.

What do you think of The Descent: Part 2?



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