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The Firm international trailer online

TheFirm.jpgA new trailer has arrived online for Nick Love's The Firm, a film that feels like a cross between The Business, for the style, and The Football Factory, for the obvious football connections. To a great extent it feels like it's a story we've seen before in other Love films and other football hooligan films, at least the director's next film is slated to be something different with The Sweeney.

However saying that the trailer for The Firm looks pretty strong with the main character actually wanting to get out of the scene he's become so attracted to when he realises just how deep he's gotten himself involved in the violent lifestyle.

I love the styling and the costuming of the whole film, and there's the bizarre moment with the leader of the ICF walking out of the changing rooms wearing an entirely red tracksuit and asking if he looks good in it, the desire to laugh was strong, and then the memories came back. I stopped laughing!

This does look a good film, and I like the fact that this one will have a strong moral message attached to it, showing that the gangs aren't all about the belonging, the friends and the looking out for one another, that they're about the violence, the control, and the loyalty.

Have a look at the trailer for The Firm and see what you think of Nick Love's latest, it may start off with similar feelings to other films, but actually it seems to have a lot more to offer.

This is actually a remake of the 1988 television version of The Firm from director Alan Clarke and starring Gary Oldman, but perhaps now Love has a good few films behind him he can produce something more akin to the original novel.



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