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The Fourth Kind trailer online

MillaJovovich.jpgThe trailer for The Fourth Kind has me a little spooked to be honest, I had caught it as I went to bed but didn't have time to write it up and did kind of write it off having read the blurb and seen Milla Jovovich was leading.

However now I've watched the powerful trailer I'm in two minds, it's actually managed to get to me a little, and while I started watching the film thinking that the footage was faked, I'm now not so sure.

The film is about the town of Noma in Alaska where there's a high proportion of disappearances and psychiatric cases. Milla Jovovich plays a psychiatrist, a real one if her introduction to the trailer is to be believed, as are the videoed patient files.

Everything in me is screaming that the footage is faked, particularly as they've done such a bad job on the pixelation of the psychiatrists face, but still, it works. That's the beauty of when this footage is made and used just right, it makes you believe that it's real.

The film is written and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi who wrote Smokin' Aces: Blowback and was an assistant on Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review), perhaps he's just come out with all guns blazing? Elias Koteas and Will Patton also star alongside Milla Jovovich.

There's flashes of a lot of other films here that people are drawing comparisons to, Fire in the Sky, The Blair Witch Project, Communion, and so on, but the connections probably aren't anything more than that and judging by the trailer this could well stand up on its own.

The trailer comes from SciFi Wire, and as a point to note guys I tried to leave a comment three times but it kept refusing it and telling me that my “text was entered wrong”, whatever that means. No, the captcha code was right.

Anyway, on with the trailer. Sorry it's so small but the Hulu one other people have is U.S. only, and I like to think there's a whole world out there.

Here's a bigger version for you.

Creepy isn't it? It's that supposed real footage and audio, it gets you every time.



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