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The Hobbit casts Bilbo Baggins

Gandalf.jpgSir Ian McKellen, the man who played Gandalf and who is set to play the wizard once again for the upcoming two Hobbit films, has revealed some very exciting news, that Bilbo Baggins has been cast for the films.

He also says that the script will be arriving at his door in the next few weeks, with filming starting early next year, and we take the opportunity to look at the recent Filmstalker poll results on the very question of Who should be the next Hobbit?

It looks all go on The Hobbit films, both of them that is, and it's great news that Ian McKellen is back as the wizard something we knew about back in June of this year from the man himself, but the tease that the character of Bilbo Baggins is cast already is very exciting indeed.

The problem is that no one outside of the production knows yet, and McKellen wasn't telling when he introduced the all night showing of The Lord of the Rings trilogy at the BFI IMAX in London, according to /Film through Filmonic.

The previous poll I ran on Who should be the next Hobbit? gave some interesting results. James McAvoy was the clear winner with 57% of the vote, but his slate is rather busy looking to fit in two whole Hobbit films. Plus there's a lot of negativity for him in the role as people talk about his Wardrobe character.

Next up was Daniel Radcliffe who has already denied the rumours saying he's done with wizards for a while, and you can understand why. He had 21% of the vote.

Lastly it was David Tennant with 14% of the vote, and he seems rather viable for the role, although I'm not entirely convinced he carries the look for Baggins. Although I guess with the special effects thrown in he could well carry the part.

There were two outside entries with Ian Holme mentioned, and I think he's just too old to be shown as the young Baggins after playing the old one in Lord of the Rings, the continual CG work to keep him younger looking would be immense.

Plus there was me. Yes someone suggested I could play the Hobbit. Thanks!

So who could it be? From that list I think Tennant is the only viable option. However I suspect the announcement is going to be someone we haven't even thought of yet.



James McAvoy would be great, I agree Ian Holmes isnt right.

I've been thinking about this, and for overall look, Martin Freeman could be a good fit. Apart from that McAvoy is the best hope, but if he's busy then theres nothing that could be done.

How about a CGI/Serkis creation?


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