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The Wolf Man trailer finally online in HD

WolfMan.jpgIt's taken an age since I first posted the Comic-Con trailer for The Wolf Man back in July of 2008, but now the official trailer has finally arrived, and not long after the Avatar trailer went online, so it has a lot to contend with already.

The film is a remake of the classic from 1941 starring Lon Chaney Jr., now Benecio del Toro takes his place along with a cast of Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, Emily Blunt and Art Malik, and finally the trailer is here.

Although I'm still sitting here excited and, for the first time in a long time, geeked out at the Avatar trailer, The Wolf Man still gets a look in, and a strong one at that.

There are some gorgeous shots to open the film, and the cast looks great. I really like the style of the trailer and the film, it looks fantastic. My only concern? It's going to play out a little King Kong-esque in the story – you know, the beast is captured, put on show, angered, escapes, climbs atop the city, and is ultimately killed by man.

I wonder if the trailer gives us a little too much? Whether it does or not, it is looking fantastic.

Head over to Yahoo Movies to see it in HD.



Really like the look of this! This really got me excited and more so than Avatar. I guess thats expectations for you.

Yeah, expectations and over-hype can really affect how people think of a film when it finally gets a sniff by an audience. The views on Avatar are really mixed, but those on Wolf Man are rather different.


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