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Three Stooges casting changes

TheThreeStooges.jpgPreviously, on Filmstalker, the Three Stooges film was cast with some mighty names, Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benecio del Toro. Suddenly the idea of the Farrelly Brothers film had leapt in my estimation and I thought there could be something in it.

Then news today reveals that perhaps the cast aren't that set, and just maybe it's far from having the perfect line-up. Yet.

According to Peter Farrelly himself, Sean Penn has dropped out of The Three Stooges saying that he has personal reasons for doing so, and not surprisingly considering he does have some personal issues to sort out, this isn't an excuse I imagine.

Meanwhile Farrelly also tells The Boston Globe through Collider that there's another name lined up to take over Penn's role, that of Paul Giamatti. Now that is a great choice if you ask me, the actor is top-notch, and has a comic face and timing that's just perfect, he delivers great performance upon great performance and is able to swing across genres with ease.

So Giamatti takes on the role of Larry. There's more news though. It seems that Jim Carrey is not signed to play Curly after all. More than that Peter Farrelly suggests that they haven't cast anyone and that perhaps Carrey isn't even in the running. Here's the comment from The Boston Globe:

Still to be cast is Curly. There had been reports that Jim Carrey would utter Curly's signature "n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk,'' but it's not so. If Farrelly has someone in mind, he didn't tell us who.

Now that sounds like it isn't Carrey at all, and in fact they are looking at, or for, someone else entirely.

All change on the Three Stooges front, and yet I still think there's something here, and that something is in the form of Giamatti.



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