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Trailer for El Superbeasto online

ElSuperbeasto.jpgI'm amazed that we missed this, but the trailer for The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, the animated film from Robert Rodriguez, has been online for some time and you can see it right here.

The film tells the story of, well, let me leave that to the trailer. Instead let me leave you a list of names lending their voices to the film that you can try and spot in the trailer. Rosario Dawson, Paul Giamatti, Danny Trejo and Sheri Moon Zombie.

I can't say I'm really that impressed with the animation, it does remind me of all the cartoons I saw as a kid and I was expecting something a little different – okay, I mean the style of cartoon does, not the content!

However, there's something slightly twisted and enjoyable about that considering the content is pretty full on. Yeah, I'm actually more in that out now.

Here's the trailer which HorrorMovies.ca discovered for the hugely cast The Haunted World of El Superbeasto:



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