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Trivial Pursuits film casting

TrivialPursuit.jpgHere's a strange one, I thought all the board game films were coming out from Hasbro and Hollywood studios, apparently not though as word appears that three have joined the cast of Trivial Pursuits, a film that isn't quite about the board game, but more about the world of pub quizzes.

It sort of plays out the opposite way as Starter for 10 with James McAvoy, where a team of academics who should be on University Challenge, head off on the pub quiz tour circuit and discover partying and drinking. Oh and the opposite sex.

Sounds an interesting concept, even if a lot of it has been seen elsewhere before, but don't let that stop you as Trivial Pursuits sounds like it could be offering us something different from what we're expecting.

Christopher Gorham, Arielle Kebbel, Chris Parnell, Kip Pardue and Evan Jones, Nelson Franklin and Kali Hawk are starring the film which is written and directed by Christopher Farah according to The Hollywood Reporter.

I could see all manner of comedy coming out of Trivial Pursuits, the typical geeks coming of age in a real life setting kind of thing, and then adding in the beauty of drink and women…

…you know what? No disrespect intended to the people on the project, but John Hughes could have made this wonderfully.



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