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Twohy talks third Chronicles of Riddick film

ChroniclesofRiddick.jpgDavid Twohy and Vin Diesel have been talking about a new Chronicles of Riddick film once again, and now there seems to be a concern if they can deliver the film. A push from the studio wants to deliver a PG13 film to capture that target audience that they so love, whereas Twohy and Diesel are wanting to deliver an R rated film.

So how are they going to do that? Independent financing, and the problem there is getting it in the first place and then making sure that the film returns a profit. That's where Twohy and Diesel have their concerns.

We already heard that they are scaling back the scope from the Chronicles of Riddick to more the Pitch Black story idea, but that they hope to kick start a trilogy that will deliver a whole story arc for the character.

Speaking over at Bloody Disgusting he revealed

”I’ve sketched out two ideas for continuing RIDDICK, one of which Vin and I have settled in on...At the studio level, it would have to be a PG-13 movie again and we don’t want to do that again. We want an R, so we are looking at the possibility of setting it up as an independent movie and selling it territory by territory and thereby keeping an ownership stake in the movie. But we’re trying to see what that would yield in this unsafe market...”

So it would depend on getting the money behind it first and then getting the audience. Will it work? Ultimately that depends on us, the audience. If the fans of Riddick go to the cinema then it'll work, if they don't then it won't and we won't see that trilogy.

If you really think about it directors, writers, producers and stars can often be putting their entire careers on the line on a film, and a Riddick failure could well be seen as a big negative for the two.

However Vin Diesel and David Twohy both have plenty of other projects on the go that a Riddick film might just be possible without affecting their other projects. Let's hope so, let's hope they take that chance and that Riddick fans come out for the screening.

One of the next projects that Twohy has on his slate sounds pretty exciting and does suggest that he's got something to help raise that independent funding and save him should Riddick fall through or fail at the box office.

”My next movie] could be a supernatural thriller called CRYING HAVOC that Ridley Scott would produce and I would direct. It’s about an FBI agent who uses technology to track a spy across the world only to learn that the spy is more of a demon than a man. That chase leads our FBI agent into the lower circles of hell, at least psychologically speaking. I think it’s a very cool supernatural thriller with a lot of great visuals to it. That’s already written and that could pop next. Ridley has been shepherding that project along.”

How many Riddick fans are there out there that would give it a go? I certainly would, they've both been talking the film up in the right directions.



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