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What film thing do you want in real life?

BTTF-Hoverboard.jpgIt is a clumsy title, but it's a difficult concept to get across in a few words, not so difficult when you simply ask, if you could have anything from the world of film to become a reality for you, what would it be?

Imagine that you had one wish, a wish to make something from any film in the world and in all of time a reality, what would you wish for? What thing would you want pulled out of the screen and made real?

I asked the question of myself and there were a number of things that came to mind, but I want to try and keep this as open as possible so I don't want to rattle through all the best possibilities, but let me come up with a few popular ones that will start you thinking in the right direction.

Instantly there are two from Back to the Future that you just can't argue with, the hoverboard and the DeLorean. Now I don't mean just any DeLorean, or one made to look like the film, remember the rules, I have a wish to make something real, so it becomes fully functional as it is in the universe created in the film, and so I end up with an actual time travelling DeLorean. Now how good would that be?

The hoverboard is of course an all time favourite and has been mentioned many times as being close to a reality, but it never really happened. That would be much more fun than anything else, with the DeLorean would come power and wealth beyond belief. Cue maniacal laugh.

From Star Wars, the force and the power that goes with it.

“These aren't the bank robbers you are looking for.”

Would be an overly used line I could imagine. Or you could use it for the power of good, or perhaps a mixture of both. Imagine what you could do with that power?

Before I leave you to your own suggestions, I'm going to pull one more out of the hat, another big one so that you have to be a little more imaginative. From all the Invisible Man films, perhaps I'll go for Hollow Man since he's a little more dangerous with the whole idea, but the power of invisibility.

That would be a beauty, spying would become the easiest task in the world, and of course there are some cheap thrills to be had but again, the power could be used any way you wanted, but you'd have to offset the evil (and sometimes rude) fun you'd have with some seriously good and decent deads.

Okay, there are some big ones out of the way, now it's your turn to come up with the most imaginative, or just the ones you'd love the most. Oh, and make sure you tell us why you'd want it.



TARDIS. And before anyone gets technical and says the TARDIS is a TV thing, Peter Cushing makes it a valid choice so bite me. TARDIS please. Next stop, JFK assassination.


The ability to be able to fast forward through a part of your life, with ease and upbeat motivational song, would far out way any other movie awesomeness.

TARDIS for me too!

It would have to be a lightsaber.

I've wished more than once that the whole world was a matrix and that i realized it and could do what Neo did in the movies.

I always thought he was underusing his powers to "manipulate the code." if you were really in his position, you could simply shatter the code Smith used to make himself real into millions of 1s and 0s. You could make the chick in the red dress but this time Scarlet Johansen would be playing her.

I could instantly change not only anything i wanted about the world like my own personal psychic holodeck, but also anything about myself as well.

speaking of that, if i couldn't choose the matrix, i'd choose the Starship Enterprise, which of course has what? that's Riiiiight...a HOLODECK.

that would be sweet.

If you're only giving me one wish, I'd probably go for the genie from Aladdin so I could get a few more wishes.

The fact the good guy always gets the girl..........nar just kidding, I'd have to go for the ability to morph into anyone.

How about those masks from the Mission Impossible films.
Endless uses for them

you know, while we're on mission impossible, i could think of a thousand hillarious ( and deadly ) uses for exploding chewing gum.

...that stuff has gotta exist in real life though, right?

I would settle with Iron Man’s armor suit, every day of the week.

The film thing I'd want would be the force......sweetness indeed.

If thats taken, the Millennium Falcon would do.

Jessica Rabbit

Gaz, that's a superb one! I'm signing up for yours...oh wait...I'm married.

The Stargate!


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