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Willis confirmed in The Expendables

BruceWillis.jpgSylvester Stallone's The Expendables just gets better and better with it's dream casting, and although this is another cameo, it's still the closest we've ever gotten to seeing the major action stars together on screen in one film.

Sylvester Stallone leads and we're going to see Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now Bruce Willis. If only it had been Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and more than just cameos and we'd have the perfect match up.

However it's not that way, but to sweeten the deal we're getting Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Eric Roberts, Sylvester Stallone himself and the cameos from Arnold Schwarzenegger and now confirmed, Bruce Willis.

I was alerted to the story last night before I crashed out by @Bodzy85 who passed on the MTV story through Live for Films, a story which revealed that Bruce Willis was joining the film and from the very man himself.

"I'm waiting for a call from Sly about when we're going to try and make that happen...

...I don't know anything about [my character] yet, haven't seen any pages yet...But I'm excited about it...

...I want to send best wishes to Sly...And the Governor of California, my old pal Arnold."

This was confirmation of the fact that Bruce Willis will be appearing in Stallone's The Expendables, and what's more is that he revealed that he will be in a scene that will feature Stallone, Schwarzenegger and himself on screen together.

Oh if only we could push for a little more. How about a big action sequence with them all kicking ass? I don't think that's going to happen, and I feel this might be the first and last time we get the chance to see all these action stars together.

Hold up though, for those of you who are reading this thinking you're just here to get the word on Bruce Willis, I've got a nice little surprise for you. Amongst this little teaser for the UFC Couture-Nogueira fight are quite a few clips for The Expendables. Enjoy, the footage comes through /Film.



The Expendables is shaping up to be a fun film. Hopefully.


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