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Worthington increases Hollywood presence

SamWorthington.jpgSam Worthington is increasingly becoming a big name in Hollywood, and not just for the action roles that he's so far been seen in. Forget Terminator Salvation and the promise of Clash of the Titans, now his presence is so well felt that he's taking up a role left vacant by Tom Cruise and starring alongside Charlize Theron.

Of course the diversification in his career hasn't just started happening, he followed playing Macbeth in the Australian modernisation of the tale with Rogue, aka Rogue Crocodile.

However those days are behind him and Hollywood is welcoming him with open deals, right now he has Clash of the Titans, The Debt, Last Night, The Candidate and who could forget the fact he's starring in Avatar?

There's a fair mix of roles and types of films in there, and most of them aren't the action roles you might think he'd be lumbered with after taking on Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) and Clash of the Titans one after the other. Sam Worthington certainly understood that if he doesn't keep the films mixed up then he's liable to be cast as an action star.

Now Variety is telling us that he's in negotiations for a role left vacant by Tom Cruise when he decided to choose Wichita, the action/comedy starring alongside Cameron Diaz, as his next project, allowing the film to move forward and look for a new lead.

Worthington will, if successful, star in The Tourist alongside Charlize Theron, the adaptation of the 2005 French thriller entitled Anthony Zimmer which tells the story of a female Interpol agent who uses an American tourist to bring a very secretive criminal out of hiding, and the criminal just happens to be the agent's ex-lover. What jealousy will do to a master criminal these days.

Anthony Zimmer is a strong film and the Hollywood production seems to have a good line-up behind the Hollywood production, and I think The Tourist will be another strong role for Sam Worthington's career. Soon we'll be surprised he starred in a Terminator film if he keeps up these dramatic leading roles.



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