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Updated: X-Files 3?

GillianAnderson.jpgIt's hard to believe that there's a chance of a third X-Files film after the previous monster outing that did some strange stuff with the franchise and failed to even touch on anything related to the ongoing alien conspiracy story line, but apparently there is.

It seems as though Gillian Anderson has been talking about playing Agent Scully one more time in a third film.

Of course we've heard nothing much about this so far, and we were led to believe that the second X-Files film, The X Files: I Want to Believe, was closing off the franchise without even addressing the huge alien conspiracy that they had created and ran with for all those seasons on television and then ramped up in the first X-Files film, the good one.

So it would make sense that after the poor outing they decide to do another film to close off everything properly, give people some real closure.

Speaking at the Sarajevo Film Festival Gillian Anderson revealed that the new film would be completed in 2012, possibly. I say possibly because her words were translated from and back into English over at Dnenvik.hr through JoBlo and don't make total sense. It could be that she's responding to a direct question along the lines of "would you play Scully again if there was an X-Files 2 film?" or maybe she really is talking about a new film.

"Of course I would play in the new film sequel for THE X-FILES"

Now that does sound like it doesn't it? However then she follows it up with something that definitely sounds like the film is going to happen.

"The new extension is in preparation and should be filmed in 2012."

Well that's pretty certain that there's something going on for the third film, but what will it be? Are we talking about a return to an alien conspiracy story? Will Mulder and Scully have kids? Perhaps they'll be handing over to a new FBI crew or maybe the kids will take over? I mean how else could they completely ruin the X-Files franchise?

Update: In The Telegraph today there's a much better translation:

There isn’t any reason not to do it. It was fun, it was hard work. I feel a certain commitment to that group of people that I worked with and we still enjoy doing it, when we do it.

There is no reason why not to come together and do it again. If they can pull it off, we’ll find some reason to make it. There isn't any reason not to do it.

Now that sounds much more like a response to a pointed question, "would you do it if asked?" and "why wouldn't they do it?". Much more than someone saying that it's definitely going to happen.



while the 2nd film wasn't wat most would've wanted in a movie, it would have been a perfectly acceptable season opener for a new x files season if that was what it had been. It re-established the characters into what they had always been, ie: returning them to the status quo...something i thought completely impossible after the closing state the show gave them.

I always loved the files. The show and the movies. The 2nd left MUCH ( can they make caps any bigger for even more emphasis? ) to be desired. But as it was, i didnt' find it too ridiculous in the lore of the show.

That said, I was so disheartened by the box office returns and critical reviews of the 2nd movie because I figured that was it. A lackluster end to the show that brought episodic mythos back to the forefront of modern television in a way it hadn't been before.

I could only hope that the translation was correct and that Anderson and Duchovney are onboard for one more knock down drag out with the Aliens and the Rebels.

Somehow, though, i doubt it. I feel this is just what you talk about so much with actors floating ideas they HOPE will happen. Like Tom Arnold with true lies 2.

I agree Mogulus.

A bit of some mis-translation from the original source, but still interesting to see how many people around the web are talking about it. Anybody call Fox for comment?

The 2012 date in relation to the alien sub-plot is an established part of The X-files mythology, and the creators have said that if there is a next movie, that would certainly be the focus. So, for the people who went to the last movie looking for aliens, this would be your film (for the record, I quite liked the last one).

Also, Tom Rothman at Fox said last December that the movie had already made money (and that was before it went to DVD) because the film cost very little to make. If you make money off of something, and there is a build in fan-base (even if it's small), why wouldn't you proceed when a date established in your franchise is fast approaching?

Yes Kate, it does make me wonder just how much of the comment is misleading because of the translation.

It seems that everything would fit nicely for a film coming out then, so maybe they really will?

I'd be up for it if it was a return to the conspiracy and closing it off for good.

x files is always intersting to watch in a compulsive way...
the adult episodes were always the more progressive and i hope the producers follow an adult thread for the third movie...

which will have a special dynamic based around biblical areas of uncertainity and a suppposed ancient alien civilisation in a remote part of south america...the movie may have the working title: 'sole survivor'

with deeper mysteries involving the agents requiring 'secret service protection' and mulder being summoned to the white house to confront an old foe.
Certainly this third movie should remind us why we watch x files and just be as strong as the first movie with a quick pace and interesting characters...
a plot involving agent scully contacting a medium to discuss the origins of a lost child by a remote riverbank - this will connect with areas of the bible which are less clear and special investigation involving a missing diamond in the wilderness...
should this movie be split into 2 parts to carry through to a forth movie?...should the movie be promoted in a concealed way to avoid plot spoilers?part of the movie will take place underground and at altitude...mulder will carry special location hunting equipment last similarlt last seen in 1993 cliffhanger...
the movie will develop the agents relationship further...special note of special effects involving atmospheric weather conditions / freak weather land subsidence and flash flooding / hard rain

rumours recently abound the movie will begin like a normal episode i.e unassuming and develop into a series saga as the agent have to investigate dracula and the origins / proof of vampires...and the death of a recent famous movie star...

the movie will be more adult in content...

(set in a remote part of america using backdrops not too dissimilar to those in olivers stones u turn 1997.)

the movie will also focus more on how mulder tries to come to terms with his new found celebrity after successfully photographing a hybrid alien species off the coast of lock ness...

fbi headquarters will not feature in the movie as the agents have no communication with the offices relying on instincts and with no weapons relying on hand to hand combat last seen in resident evil series...

the working title for the movie is 'beware'

Gareth, I'm wondering if you're going to sit on this article and, like the Fright Night story, just fire on list after list of what seem to be wild speculation sold as fact about the film.

Unless you have special inside knowledge about both X-Files and Fright Night, but then the speculation seems pretty wild, all over the place, and generally very odd.

I'm all for X-Files 3, with a bigger budget and a kick-ass Scully. Bring it on!

PS But I'm still more pumped for the non-X-Files projects Gillian Anderson has in the pipeline, either as an actress or a director or a writer. In Sarajevo she said the financing for the film she was just supposed to do fell apart. Could she mean "The Smell of Apples"? It would be such a pity, because the book is really good.

love x files...
the new movie is rumoured to explore new material in particular the dynamics of 'proper' illusion and a special curtain associated with 'ancient magic'...

ideas based losely around the rare sega game 'mickey and world of illusion' the new x files will develop scenes which may only appear to be 'real' at certain times in the movie...
and ways of slowing down the perception of time between the main leads...

religion is also rumoured to feature in the plot involving mulders interest in the holy grails and crucifixition locations in the middle east...
(part of the movies programme)

the movie is rumoured to be marketed more for an adult audience - the ending may open a pathway for a fourth picture...
the tone of the movie will be very dark indeed focusing more on specific mysteries and intrigue rather than topical sci -fi exploration investigation...
the movie will contain scenes of an adult nature and some flashback imagery.part of the movie will take place on a remote desert island.

it is rumoured oliver stone is planning to make a movie on the life of christ using the latest visualisation processes and will hire a large group of writers...to compete with this movie around a similar time...2013?

the movie is rumoured to be more visionary and ambitious than the recent mel gibson effort and offer fresh fresh insight and detail into the man and his childhood from a number of perspectives...

to ensure continuity stone will effectively have to make two movies - to then condense into one...

visual details i.e locations will be more in keeping with the scorsessee 1988 picture although moe ambitiously shot i.e uturn 1997.

the movie will have strong illusionary and adult content and contain thought provoking / provicational intrigue...
scenes with jesus as a child will be directed from above - to indicate diety potential...
jesus will speak in english in the oliver stone movie.it is unclear at this stage what jesus will look like in the movie...some of the movie will feature aspects only hinted at in the bible hence to develop the movies narrative and will contain scenes of a 'special nature'

it is rumoured stone has consulted people at disney to give fresh insight into the credibility of fairy tales and magic...
and how to develop new lighting techniques...to see the actors facial details that can be added at a later stage in the movies development...

new james bond without daniel craig is rumoured to be a reworking of octopussy and for your eyes only which incidentally have two of the more intriguing opening sequences...

brosnan was always credible as 007...i always wondered if they could have made the movies better if even better directors had been deployed...
brosnan was always very dynamic in the role.. i
always thought they could have captured him better i.e with a greater turn of movement in the running scenes...
tommorrow never dies was the best brosnan movie and one of the best since 1977 spy who loved me...
even though goldeneye was technically better..
always enjoyed the opening sequence in tnd..
terri hatcher was also one of the best bond women to probably ever appear displaying intelligence and sexuality...
like the way she took centre stage more with bond / woman in control of the proceedings gave the movie that extra unique edge...
director uses good soft focus in hotel scenes which works well with hatchers features in the movie...
could be another 20 years before we see another 'stunt' bond movie as good as this...


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