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xXx: The Return of Xander Cage swaps director

xXx.jpgWe were led to believe that Rob Cohen and Vin Diesel had buried the hatchet between them and realised where their money earning was coming from so had decided to team back up for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, the third xXx film which would see Diesel return to a role that Cohen killed him off on the DVD version of.

However things have changed and a new director is taking over from Cohen who is moving onto other projects, namely Medieval, and that leaves the director's chair open for someone else, and the chair has been filled.

I really liked xXx, it was a fun film that showed off what Vin Diesel was good at, and it had a muscle car in it, however Rob Cohen and he didn't see eye to eye after that, according to Cohen, Diesel had grown too big for his boots and was believing his hype. So for the sequel, xXx: State of the Union, Diesel was dropped in favour of Ice Cube and Cohen handed over to Lee Tamahori. Cue bad film.

Then the two made up and realised that there was a load of money to be made if they really tried to make a proper sequel, or perhaps it was the other way round...who knows!

However here they are, except now Rob Cohen is too busy and has decided to direct Medieval instead, and that leaves the directing duties open. Not so according to The Hollywood Reporter this morning, the director's chair has been sat in by Ericson Core.

Who? Yes, Ericson Core.

Well apart from having a superb name, he's been cinematographer on many a film from Payback to Daredevil, and somewhere in between he's worked on something called The Fast and the Furious, you might have heard of it before.

Directing wise he has Invincible to his name and a television film The Courier/2.0. Now he's taking on the head role for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, and I actually think that might be a good thing for the film and for Diesel, if Diesel doesn't walk all over him. Perhaps a better choice than Rob Cohen and his track record. After the end of this we could see Cohen being the one shot in the back of the head on a DVD extra!



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