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30 Days of Night sequel gains director

30DaysofNight.jpg30 Days of Night was a great horror film with a really good concept, as well as some innovative use of new technology that really did add a lot to the film, but unfortunately audiences didn't take to it as much as they should have. Still, that hasn't stopped the adaptation of the sequel which is moving forward towards adaptation.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days is the title of the story which would, if the original story is anything to go by, takes us away from the Alaskan backdrop to a more traditional built up city where the hunt is on for the lead vampire.

Following on from the last the character of Stella Oleson is set to return, but without the lovely actress Melissa George, her role will be recast and her character will head out to find the vampire that was responsible for what happened in the Alaskan town, joining with a group of vampire hunters on the way.

Previously we knew that Steve Niles and Ben Ketai were writing the script, well now Bloody Disgusting have word that Ketai is set to direct the film as well.

So we're looking at a new cast and a new director, although Ketai was responsible for writing the web series following the release of 30 Days of Night (Filmstalker review), so the story should be pretty rich and solid.

However let's not be under any allusions, this is straight to DVD, so it won't be as big as the first.



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