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A Christmas Carol new trailer online

AChristmasCarol.jpgThere's a new trailer online for A Christmas Carol and it features an interesting action sequence I've never seen before in the story, as well as some more obvious 3D moments.

What it does do is offer us a few more shots of some great looking animation moments, as once again the detail and believability of the motion capture takes another step towards reality.

I still don't understand why they can't just film it in reality rather than having to motion capture everyone.

Anyway, the new trailer for A Christmas Carol is right here and it has quite a bit of new footage, see if you can spot the moments that have been added in purely for the 3D aspect of the film, really, they are hard to spot.

Oh, and that's sarcasm.

The film certainly has a strong line up of talent, and the effects look good, but I don't know if the action sequences and 3D additions are just putting a little too much into a wonderful tale that doesn't need complications and was just wonderfully adapted in Scrooged.



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