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A Star is Born remake for a reality TV generation

BeyonceKnowles.jpgA Star is Born looks like it could be getting a brand new remake to add to the number before it, and with each of the remakes has come a new leading lady, an actress and also a notable singer of her time, so the rumours of the new lead are making some obvious comparisons.

The film tells the story of a film star who helps a young singer/actress become famous and get through the strange business of Hollywood, and all the time his own battles with age and alcoholism are making his career plummet downwards.

A Star is Born has been made a number of times, the original was in 1937 with Janet Gaynor in the lead, and then came perhaps the most memorable with the first remake in 1954 with Judy Garland backed by superb James Mason. You would have thought that a film with those two stars would have been the definitive version, but Hollywood hasn't just arrived in the remake business you know.

In 1976 the film was reworked somewhat in the second remake and Barbra Streisand took the lead with Kris Kristofferson and Gary Busey supporting with the story transplanted into the music business, and it was indeed comparable with the original and brought a whole new audience to the film.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that a new version is on the go and Will Fetters has been assigned to deliver a first draft of the script. Actually it says that a new version has been on the go for some time but it just hasn't moved further forward after several writers have had attempts at the story.

The writers for Ali and Notorious (Filmstalker review) have both delivered versions, but neither has really hit home. Now Fetters is trying again.

As usual, I give the following warning which some of you might be tired of but many seem to forget. Until a script is delivered and a director signed on to the project you can't say that casting is happening, unless the project is a complete studio puppet project where the writer and director are just coming in to deliver exactly what they want them to.

That said, the rumours are running that Beyoncé Knowles has been considered for the role, and really that's not much of a stretch. If you think that the 1954 version featured Judy Garland and the 1976 version starred Barbra Streisand then you could easily come up with the name of Beyoncé.

After all it would need a talented singer and actress for the role and this version is, like the 1967 Streisand version, is going to be set in the music industry, so who would that really give us? How many can you think that could take that role up?

There's also the thought that this doesn't have to be someone that's established in the role and perhaps they could use a new talent. What if they discovered that Leona Lewis could act like a professional? That would be ideal since Beyoncé is already a mega-star and wouldn't take much to see her rising up in the industry. Wouldn't it be better if the story was set on the back of some reality show idea?



For once, I'd like a film news about movies that they are not planning a remake on.


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