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Aronofsky producing British heist thriller

DarrenAronofsky.jpgDarren Aronofsky is set to direct a heist film about the 2006 Tonbridge Securitas robbery where something over GBP £53 million was stolen from the cash management company by a well organised team who had taken hostage a number of staff from the security depot including the manager and his family.

The subsequent police investigation netted over half the missing money, detained numerous suspects and eventually five were found guilty and sentenced, with three being cleared, and the alleged mastermind of the affair fleeing to Morocco where he has been imprisoned awaiting possible extradition.

It's an interesting story, and Wikipedia has the round-up of the events as they happened. Not only does it sound a daring raid but the subsequent investigation seems to lend itself to a crime thriller rather well.

Back in 2008 Time Inc. announced that there would be a film of the events and that it would focus on the alleged ring leader and mastermind who was now in Morocco, Lee Lamrani Ibrahim "Lightning" Murray, a British-Moroccan mixed martial arts fighter who entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship after a strong fight career.

It would be his story that would be filmed, his life, which is also interesting reading, including his suspected role in the robbery and his subsequent flight from Britain.

According to Variety through /Film and Twitch, Darren Aronofsky is set to produce the film but not likely to direct, with XYZ Films, Time Inc. Studios and Protozoa Pictures all producing the film. It's based on the article Breaking the Bank from Sports Illustrated, and the Howard Sounes' book on the raid called Heist: The Inside story of the World's Biggest Robbery.

My only concern is that the articles are saying “loosely based on” and that they will heavily distort the truth, which in itself is very interesting and provides all the excitement and thrills you could imagine you might want.

It's always a worry to see the phrase “based on a true story”, “inspired by real events” or something similar before the start of a film, because that means it's nothing like the truth in the end, and that's the way this story could go as they want to make it more Hollywood, however if you read the true events it's surely Hollywood enough already.



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