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Barry Manilow musical

BarryManilow.jpgFrankly, it's about time, Barry Manilow's music is about to become a film, sort of. Although it's not going to be a film about him, specifically following his music, or a musical as such. Instead it will be a romantic comedy which producers hope will be along the lines of Love Actually and will use the signature music from Manilow's career throughout. It won't have the lead characters bursting into song throughout.

However there is a heavy tie in with the singer/composer himself and will most likely culmulate in a performance of his on stage in Las Vegas.

The plot will follow intersecting story lines from a number of Barry Manilow fans who are all making their way to Las Vegas for a weekend with Barry Manilow performing live at Madalay Bay.

As an aside I was genuinely annoyed that his show was off for a week when I was there for my honeymoon, I would have loved to have gone to his show. Instead I got the Country Music Awards, I even missed the Adult Video Awards!

Production wise the film is looking strong as, according to the Variety article, Single Cell partners Sandy Stern and Michael Stipe and Playtone partners Gary Goetzman and Tom Hanks are backing the film with Barry Manilow's manager producing too.

The romantic comedy will feature his songs throughout and there are promises of Manilow performing a couple, and you have to believe one of those will be at the end of the film when the characters all come together for the concert.

I don't know about you but I have a soft spot for Manilow songs having grown up with them playing in the background on Sunday mornings, my Mum loved his music and as a result so do I. Dear me, I do miss her and those weekend morning rituals.

Anyway, I'm in for the Manilow film, how could you not be? Copacabana, Mandy, Could it be Magic?, I Write the Songs, Looks Like We Made It, Can't Smile Without You, Ready to Take a Chance Again, Bermuda Triangle, and on and on...



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