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Berg reveals Battleship plot

PeterBerg.jpgPeter Berg has confirmed that he's going to be directing a film version of the board game Battleships, it's something we've been hearing of for some time and the confirmation brings with it a reveal of what the plot is intended to be. Rather than focusing on the game itself, it looks like Berg is taking it towards a much more traditional approach.

Of course we've already heard from Hasbro that they have something special lined up for the film adaptation, but as yet Berg hasn't revealed that. Mind you there's an aspect of the film he's not talking about.

Battleship is coming out in 2011 and it's part of a two deal film for Peter Berg, if he makes Battleship he'll make Lone Survivor, a film described as an Afghanistan war drama which sees a Navy SEAL team enter the country on a rescue mission only to be ambushed. That immediately brings to mind the idea that he's signed up for Battleship in order to make Lone Survivor, after all Lone Survivor is the more interesting sounding film.

That's something that Berg himself confirms, revealing that he may have been interested in returning to the middle east for a war film:

"It was pretty obvious to me they weren't jumping head over heels to make a war film in the Middle East right now...So they said, 'what if you give us 'Battleship' for July 2011, and we guarantee you'll follow with 'Lone Survivor?' I already loved the take we had on 'Battleship,' so that wasn't a hard deal to make."

Now that's an interesting comment, he was indeed signing to Battleship in order to get his Lone Survivor film made, but then he does bring up that issue that there is something special in the take on Battleship that attracted him to it, and it's not just about the deal to get his own Lone Survivor script made.

Talking to Variety Peter Berg reveals what he has in store for the second film release associated with Hasbro, Stretch Armstrong will be the first.

"I've been consumed with doing one of these since I tried to convince Tom Rothman at Fox to make a film about John Paul Jones, the founder of the American Navy...As a kid, I was dragged from Navy museum to museum, and spent so much time on ships, listening to my father talk about the great battles of WWII, I did my high school thesis on the Battle of Midway. When this came up, it didn't take me long to find a take for a film that is filled with raucous action-packed naval battles."

That already suggests that it's going to be something more than the game Battleship, in fact it's saying that it's going to be a full on naval war film.

"...a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle"

There's still that question of something special that both Berg and Hasbro have been talking about, and since he was specifically not mentioning the enemy, could it be that this is the interesting plot twist that both Hasbro and Berg are keen on?



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