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Black Dynamite trailer appears online

BlackDynamite.jpgFinally, after not getting to see the film at the EIFF this year I get the first glimpse online and it's superb. The trailer for Black Dynamite is packed full of hilarious, and rather clever, little references as well as some honest to goodness great humour.

I am loving this trailer, and I think I might even watch it a second time, and that's rare I'll tell you.

The film harks back to the days of "blaxploitation" films, although I've never really understood the exploitation part, but never mind. It's an action comedy, as you can obviously see from the trailer, and tells the story of a 1970's action legend called Black Dynamite whose brother is killed by a drugs overdose supplied by The Man who happens to be flooding the streets with heroin and bad alcohol. So Dynamite goes on a one man mission to rid the streets of the drug dealers, one body at a time.

Black Dynamite looks fantastic, and I'm so glad it got picked up. The screening at the EIFF was filled with laughter, as I'm told, and whenever I was in the screening room watching videos you could hear the industry types who were watching the film laughing out loud.

I need to stop talking about it and let you get into the trailer.



I actually did catch this at the EIFF. I really enjoyed it and recommend seeing it if you enjoy spoofs such as Airplane and 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace'.

Well I'm a huge Airplane fan so this might just work for me.


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