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Book of Eli trailer online

TheBookofEli.jpgA trailer has arrived for The Book of Eli, the post apocalyptic story starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Gambon, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson and Jennifer Beals and directed by Albert and Allen Hughes.

It follows a man who is making his way across America by any means necessary protecting a sacred book that holds the secrets to mankind's survival. However there are others who have heard about the book and want it too, for it holds great power for good and evil.

The trailer for The Book of Eli has the footage from the teaser before and tons more besides, as well as an explanation of the story and the plot. It as the feel of Rambo in a post apocalyptic world, although I don't mean any disservice by that comment because the film looks superb.

Here's the trailer which has Gary Oldman at his bad ass best, and Denzel Washington doing some serious moves with a very big knife. I do suspect though, he's lost touch with a few of the teachings in that book he's carrying, because he's a bit of a bad ass himself.

Here's the Yahoo Movies trailer through QuietEarth.



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