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Bronson director on Thai western and Verbinski heist

NicolasWindingRefn.jpgThe director and co-writer of the strange but very enjoyable Bronson, as well as the Pusher series, has announced two new projects which are equally as interesting. Currently, with Valhalla Rising just showing, he has Jekyll and The Dying of the Light in the works, now he's just doubled that.

One is described as a western that takes place in Thailand, in a Thai boxing ring no less, and the other is produced by Gore Verbinski involving a heist. Now those sound interesting.

I have to admit that we do complain about the amount of sequels, prequels and remakes, but at the same time there are some genuinely interesting films getting the go ahead and being made right now, and we just need to read about more of them.

Variety tells us that Nicolas Winding Refn is in negotiations to film a heist story that Gore Verbinski is producing. Now while there are no details, the news that Verbinski is producing and Refn could be directing suggests that the heist story isn't your average run of the film heist film, or at least I hope that's true.

The other project, that we have more information on, is that of a story that is set in Bangkok and is described as a modern western where a Thai Police Lieutenant and a gangster end up settling their differences in a Thai boxing match. It sounds one of those old school, personal films with broody looks and mean, opposing characters. Superb.

He's clear that he doesn't know which film will be his first directorial work, but he does say that:

"I don't know if I'll even make a Danish film again...It makes such a difference in terms of distribution if I make English-language films, especially in the U.S."

Well at least he's telling it like it is, at least he's being polite!



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