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Bruckheimer buys Haas' Popcorn Fiction

DerekHaas.jpgDerek Haas, the screenwriter who partners with Michael Brandt for films such as Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma, has been running a little side project for some time showcasing free short stories for writers online, including his own, on a site called Popcorn Fiction.

Ironically, with not many published as yet, one of his own short stories has had to be removed when Jerry Bruckheimer's company bought the rights to it, intending to adapt it to a full length feature.

The story called Shake, which is now replace with a message from Derek Haas himself, told the tale of an FBI agent who is battling his own body and the elements while trying to track down a killer.

That's the blurb that is sitting on Screen Daily and has me very confused and intrigued. The story doesn't seem that exciting, except for that line “battling his own body”. Now that sounds strange indeed.

The message that greets the reader now clicking on the Shake story on Popcorn Fiction is:

”And just like that…it was gone. At the request of those who bought the rights to “Shake,” I’m taking the story down for now. For those of you who read it before today, I hope you enjoyed it. For those who still want to read it, it will return to Popcorn Fiction at a later date!”

The site was created to give writers the chance to get their short stories out there. According to Haas:

”I wanted to create a place where short stories could flourish – the pulpy, genre kind that used to dominate popular magazines in the fifties...I commissioned a bunch of fantastic novelists and screenwriters to take a stab and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far… The authors retain their copyright and reading the site will always be free. It’s all about the stories.”

There aren't that many stories up there as yet, and the site doesn't have an RSS feed, it's email address subscription for new updates, or keep visiting the site, which is a little bit of a shame. Put on a feed for new stories, not the whole stories, just the title and author, or make a nice little reader application for mobile devices.

Still it's an interesting site, and Derek Haas and Michael Brandt are set to adapt Haas' short story into a workable script for the studio. It'll be interesting to hear more on the Shake story when the script comes around, and interesting too to keep an eye on Popcorn Fiction.



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