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Carlyle wants Boyle's Porno

Porno.jpgIn fact Robert Carlyle is so keen to play the character of Begbie once again he says he would do anything for the film, even do it for free.

However this latest desire for the film doesn't mean that either Ewan McGregor or Danny Boyle are saying anything else on the matter.

Ewan McGregor has always dismissed the idea of a sequel to Trainspotting, saying it would be a shame to revisit the characters, something I can wholeheartedly agree with considering what sequels often do to them, sequels aren't always kind.

Of course there's the issue that McGregor and Danny Boyle had a famous falling out over the film The Beach and it's never been clear if they're relationship has recovered any since then, although I suspect if they were to get together these days it might be washed under the bridge.

The novel Porno from Irvine Welsh does bring the characters from Trainspotting back together in life some ten years later, and so the source material is there already, and from the original author, and that's got to be a bold step in the right direction.

Speaking to the BBC, Robert Carlyle said:

"For me personally, I would jump through hoops of fire backwards for Danny Boyle. I would do Porno tomorrow for nothing...

...I think there is lots more entertainment to be had from that group of people so I would be up for it, and I know Danny seems to be edging more towards it..."

Speaking about the character of Begbie he goes on to say:

"...probably the only character I would ever want to revisit because I do believe that there's an awful lot more mileage there in Begbie."

Well we did hear that a script was in development, but the word has been pretty clear from McGregor, a simple no.

The question is could he be persuaded to film the sequel by the rest of the cast? After all they'd certainly all be keen, and would Boyle want to after his Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review) success?

The bigger question is do you want Porno, the sequel to Trainspotting?



No thanks it was a cult classic, making a sequel would just ruin it. Is Robert Carlyle's career on the wane?

Well you could ask that, he did 28 Weeks Later didn't he?


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