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Cars 2 plot revealed

Cars.jpgI'm really not sure how exciting this news is, and if it's going to be something that you, the film audience, is really going to be excited about, after all Cars wasn't the most successful for Pixar, but it looks like they're trying to remedy that with a plot for the sequel that's really going for it.

Not only is the plot ramped up, but there are new characters, including a Formula 1 cars and an Aston Martin who is Scottish no less, and a spy. Wonder who that could be meant to be?

Disney were down in London giving a big speech about what's coming up from their studio and John Lassater was keen to tell all about Cars 2. Through Empire he did just that.

I guess the big surprise is that the film is going to focus more on Mater, the pit boss of the racing team that McQueen is part of, as they tour the world competing in the Race of Champions where they race against other racing car champions such as Formula 1 cars, rally cars, and so on.

They'll be racing around world circuits such as the Tokyo circuit from Mount Fuji into down town Tokyo, or a German race through the Black Forest, or the Italian race called Porto Corsa based on the Monte Carlo circuit...

Wait a moment, Monte Carlo in France? Porto Corsa in Italy? How does that work then? Oh well, they've transplanted the Le Mans 24 Hour race to Paris too, so it's all over the place. Finally it ends with a race to Buckingham Palace through London.

However that isn't the big part of the plot, it seems that there's going to be a Hitchcockian thriller where Mater is pulled into a spy conspiracy. He saves the Scottish Aston Martin (or Aston Martin look-a-like) called Finn McMissile who just happens to be a British secret agent, and is caught up in events that he shouldn't really be involved with, all cumulating at Buckingham Palace, the race destination.

Well that doesn't sound too painful, it actually sounds rather good and isn't the direct rip off that Cars was of Doc Hollywood, so that's something. Still, I'm not overjoyed at the news and would love to see them developing new projects rather than sequels of old.



Cars is probably my least favourite Pixar film. I've only seen it the once, but thats it's status for me so far. I think one of the reasons why Pixar is so great is because they make refreshing movies for all ages to enjoy without falling into the trap of repeating themselves. Toy Story was great and worked, but as for Cars I'm a little unsure. Pixar never dissapoint but I suppose I just fear they might begin to.

It's interesting that while Cars 2 sounds like a mish mash of other plots into something a a little different, Toy Story 3 sounds like it's something we've heard of before.

Perhaps Cars 2 might have the lead?

Cars 2 might have the lead. It could be because I'm really familiar with Toy Story. I will check out Cars for another viewing this weekend. That's a start!


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