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Cody writing Hefner biographical film?

HughHefner.jpgIt seems a strange choice, but according to the man himself Hugh Hefner, Diablo Cody is in talks to write the script for the biographical film about the head of Playboy.

Seems she met with the man himself and was discussing the idea of writing the film, which does bring up the point, what happened to the last one?

Speaking on his Twitter account, yet the head of Playboy, Hugh Hefner has a Twitter account, revealed that he was meeting with Diablo Cody just the other day to discuss the film. Through Cinematical:

”Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today”

Apparently Diablo Cody never said anything after this regarding it, nor did Hefner.

It all seems a little surprising since we were hearing casting rumours and Brett Ratner was lined up to direct, Brian Grazer looked like he was steaming ahead with it. Not so now, and we don't even know if Ratner is still connected, or if he's been dropped along with the script.

We heard back in 2007 that Brett Ratner was directing the film, and then we heard a range of rumours from Tom Cruise to Robert Downey Jr. set to play the editor of the magazine.

What this does show is that Hefner has a lot of involvement, and quite rightly so. Personally writing the story from a woman's perspective might give us something a little more interesting, after all a guy writing it is going to get distracted by the pictures!



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