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Confucius trailer online

Confucius.jpgThe first trailer has arrived for Confucius starring the superb Chow Yun-Fat as the famous philosopher. There are some recognisable stars in the film and surprisingly no words are uttered, it's all music and emotion, and you know what? It works rather well.

There's a nice dramatic bit in the middle with plenty of emotional camera panning and zooming with angst and tortured faces galore, however there's just as many happy faces too. Yes, this is a film with the full range of emotion from all the characters, and perhaps some words too!

The three minute trailer seems much longer than that when it's playing, probably because there's not really a story being told here, just moments captured from the film and the performances. The moments even seem out of any time line, so it's a tad confusing. Or rather not confusing, just not giving any real story.

What this seems to really play on is the fact that Chow Yun-Fat is in the lead role, will be playing Confucius through various ages, and can show a range of emotion. This is more like a marketing trailer for the idea than anything else.

Still, a great cast, a strong story, and what looks to be a beautifully filmed story from Mei Hu of the philosopher Confucius. Well worth a look.

You can see it over at Affenheimtheater who got it through MonkeyPeaches, and thanks to QuietEarth for pointing it out.



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