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Creation film gets U.S. release

Creation.jpgOn one hand I'm rather surprised that Creation, the film about Charles Darwin during the time of his writing of the Origin of the Species, is getting a release in America, after all there's a huge belief that science is lies and his ideas of evolution made up and that the god they believe in created everything in a different order and time-scale.

On the other hand I'm not that surprised as the controversy might just sell more tickets.

Of course it also depends on exactly how the film sells the story, whether it goes for the truth or changes historical fact in order to gain a larger distribution, something that might have gained them the necessary U.S. release.

The news through Yahoo News is that Newmarket Films have bought the film for distribution in the U.S., and they are a small independent distribution company, and that would lead me to believe that the film does in fact show the true story as it would be much more contentious in America.

Creation follows Charles Darwin, played by Paul Bettany, who was starting work on his Origin of the Species, the definitive book on the evolution of creatures and humans, and a huge building block in science, as he deals with the loss of his child, the strong religious beliefs of his wife, played by Jennifer Connelly, and his own dwindling religious faith in the face of evidence. This caused a rift between he and his wife, one which I'm not sure was resolved, but one which Darwin had to deal with as he went forward with his monumental work.

I'm keen to see the film to find out exactly how it portrays the story, but even if they changed it wildly from the actual events I'm not sure it would have become acceptable to the tastes of the creationists.

Either way I suspect this is going to raise controversy in America and that's probably what the studio are banking on, and the real story is probably why it hasn't been picked up by a major distribution label in America.

Still, it's going to be released, and I'm quite positive the film tells the whole story, certainly the trailers suggest as much. I'm looking forward to the film, and I'm glad it's seeing a U.S. release.



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