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DeNiro and Norton in Stone trailer

EdNorton.jpgThis trailer surprised me a little when I saw it, I remember writing a while ago about the casting for this film and thinking that it was a potential good move for Milla Jovovich, helping her move away from her typecast as the science fiction/horror genre modern day action/scream queen, something she's been working on with a number of other roles.

Well perhaps it does look good for her and Robert DeNiro, but I'm not sure if this is anything fresh and new for Edward Norton.

The film tells the story of a parole officer, played by Robert DeNiro, who is manipulated by an inmate, played by Edward Norton looking and acting like characters we've seen before, and his wife on the outside, played by Milla Jovovich.

What I particularly like about the trailer is that DeNiro is playing a character who is faltering strength and direction wise, he's not his atypical strong character, although I'm sure he turns it around nearer the end. Jovovich looks like she has a lot to do as well, this is a genuine, full on in front of the camera piece without any reliance on CG and screaming,

Stone comes from director John Curran of The Painted Veil so departure is the key word here, and was adapted by Angus MacLachlan, writer of Junebug, from his own play. Here's the trailer below, obviously from RopeofSilicon through RowThree.



Looks really good and it seems DeNiro has landed himself a role with a bit of meat to it.


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