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Depp off Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

POTC-WorldsEnd-Pic.jpgThe story is going that Johnny Depp only signed up to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 because of the Disney executive Dick Cook, and now that Dick Cook has left the building he's not so sure and will wait until he sees the script.

Well when you read the actual story the truth is somewhat different, as it is for many a wild rumour racing around just now. So let's look into it a little more and see what's really happening.

The story is also going that Johnny Depp only ever agreed to do the Pirates of the Caribbean films because Dick Cook asked him too.

Well let's look at the story from the L.A. Times through Cinema Blend (rather than the many other sites sensationalising the story) and see what the story really has to say.

It's clear from the article that Dick Cook had been trying for years to get Johnny Depp to work with Disney, and Depp had been saying no, so already it's not looking so hot for the idea that he was the reason that Depp Said yes.

Apparently he was listening to another pitch of ideas from Disney and Cook had said to him:

”We're thinking about doing this Pirates of the Caribbean movie”

To which Depp said:

”I said I was in. This was before there was a script or anything.”

So Cook was wooing him for years and he said no, but pitch that idea and he loved it. So it wasn't Cook, it was the film.

True, the article says that Depp revealed one of the reasons he committed to the film was that he trusted Cook, but get real, if it was Bambi II he wouldn't have said yes, it was a rubbish idea, it's clear that he leapt on the idea of the Pirates film before anything. The trust, I'm sure, is to do with the production playing out as it did, and probably that's why Depp signed up so early rather than waiting to see if the idea came out as expected.

Now, as for the fourth film, Depp says:

”There's a fissure, a crack in my enthusiasm at the moment...It was all born in that office.”

Obviously he's a little nervous about the project because the executive that supported his decisions on his character and gave him the freedom with the role has gone, but it seems the deal was always dependant on the script. At least that's how the article reads.

There's no denying that he's saying his excitement is dented for the project, probably because he can see the other executives trying to change his character and the story around him, but if it was always dependant on the script, then what's changed?

The story isn't that Depp is pulling out of the film because Cook has departed Disney, it's not that he's decided to wait until the script comes out now because he's so unsure, it's that he was waiting for a script and he's a lacking enthusiasm a little because the man who supported his character decisions on the films previously has left. So, like many other films, he's waiting for the script to decide, and in the meantime he's lamenting about a friend who has left the business and perhaps giving some public push to help get his job back.



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