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Diablo's Sweet Valley High

SweetValleyHigh.jpgDiablo Cody is set to write and produce a film adaptation of Sweet Valley High, the story of two identical twins, one of whom is described as sensitive and practical, and the other as flighty and boy focussed, and their lives at high school in the town of Sweet Valley.

Sweet Valley High is something that I caught one Saturday morning on some channel and it looked dreadful. Hugely twee and sickly sweet, but it hit almost sixty episodes for three years and there were one hundred and fifty novels from the original idea. So the idea of a Diablo Cody version is rather interesting.

It certainly shows some guts on the part of the producers and executives at Universal as they fought Fox for the rights of the novels which they are currently in talks for according to Variety. Diablo Cody assigned to Sweet Valley High is going to do one of two things, we're either going to see Cody pulling back from her open honesty and ways of the world we've seen in her scripts to date or we're going to see Sweet Valley High opened up to a whole new world.

Personally I'm hoping for the latter option.

It does sound rather interesting and I think, if they let Diablo Cody lose on the original story, we could see something fun and rather relevant. Of course Jennifer's Body isn't holding up as expected to the competition just now, so there's the concernt that the accountants might pull back on the project, let's hope not.

Of course it might be interesting to see Brittany and Cynthia Daniel return to the same roles as the twins, or are they perhaps a little too old to pull off the high school role?



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