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Douglas is excellent as Liberace

Liberace.jpgApparently Michael Douglas has been doing some wardrobe tests for Liberace and has been described as very, very good by his director Steven Soderbergh.

There's not much to the story, but it does indicate that the film is moving forward and the two strangest roles for Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are actually going to be seen.

It's not Steven Soderbergh's strangest film though, not yet, as he has the musical of Cleopatra's life lined up in Cleo, now that's an odd one.

However for Michael Douglas his strangest and most diverse role yet will be playing the flamboyant and quietly gay showman Liberace, while Matt Damon will be playing his ex-lover who sued the star for US $110 million palimony and as a result outed the star once and for all, as if no one knew before.

The comment from Steven Soderbergh comes from a French newspaper through People and Cinematical:

”We've already done some costume and wardrobe tests on Michael, and they're very, very, very good...I swear to you, Michael amazed me. He crushed it.”

Now does that mean just by looks alone or does he have the performance nailed as well? I have to say look wise I can see it, but sitting behind the piano doing the show I really find hard to believe, but since he's signed up then you have to believe he can blow it out of the water.

This is probably one of the best casting announcements I've heard in ages and I'm dying to see for real.



Sounds interesting. Douglas is a good choice. Two good leads.


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