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East is East gains sequel

EastisEast.jpgAmazingly the sequel is called West is West and will star original cast members from East is East, Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistry and Emil Marwa. It seems we're as capable of making revisiting films as Hollywood is. Mind you, this could be an interesting film, especially considering the times we live in.

The original comedy was made in 1999 and follows a Pakistani man and his family in 1971. He moved to Britain, married a British woman, and had two children whom he hoped would follow his Muslim upbringing, except they see themselves as British and start to pull against their father's rules in every aspect of life.

Doesn't sound like a comedy does it?

However East is East was a very successful comedy at that, and at the same time addressed some very real issues. Now the sequel, West is West, will move forward five years to 1975 and sees Aquib Khan join the cast playing the families youngest son, thirteen year old Sajid.

The film is written again by Ayub Khan-Din who wrote the play and screenplay for the original, based on his own experiences in life, and sees the father trying to relocate his family from Salford back to Pakistan in order to bring them closer to their roots and to the Muslim upbringing that he grew up with.

Filming will be carried out both in Britain and in India, according to Variety, and is due to start in October.

I think it's a great move to see a sequel to this film, surely it'll prove as popular as the original, if not more so, and the story has provided an interesting change to the original, rather than just revisiting the same ground.



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