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Eckhart talks Two-Face return

TwoFace.jpgMany people are steadfast on this, at the end of The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) Two-Face was dead, and Aaron Eckhart himself publicly agreed, until now.

The original plan, as Eckhart himself confirms, was for the next fllm to have the Joker return, although with Heath Ledger's death that seems extremely unlikely, even if it was to return and hand over to another main villain.

Now it could go three ways. The return of Two-Face, the Riddler or some not so well known of the Batman villains. Admittedly that covers all the bases, but there's not a chance for Joker to return for anything other than off screen moments, and my heart isn't set on the last option really.

Having played Arkham Asylum and a big feature being made of the Riddler trophies to collect around the map, I wonder if there's a little push towards that being the main villain.

However I'm in the minority camp that thinks those final scenes in The Dark Knight with Two-Face don't rule him out of the next Batman film. For I don't necessarily think that the scenes mean he's actually dead.

I need to watch them again, but from the moment I saw them I could see that Batman and the Commissioner could have been talking figuratively about the death of Two-Face and that they could publicly make him die to save the face (boom boom) of Harvey Dent in the public eye, because they needed to believe in him as a hero to believe in the triumph over organised crime.

However everyone else thought he was dead, including Aaron Eckhart, he'd been saying that was it since the film was released. Now though he's slightly changed his tune.

Of course it reads as though he was replying to questioning about his return, and perhaps loaded and pointed at the scenario of the character being written back in. Still, through Hollywood Scoop, Entertainment Daily and ComicBookMovie who link to neither of these articles, he says:

”I think I’ve talked myself out of the job. I thought I’d died. But you know America’s grown up on soap operas and reinventing people so why doesn’t Chris take that into consideration (when he’s writing the script)?...

...If Chris asked me back, I would love to. Heath really was meant to come back as The Joker (for the next movie) as we all would want him to do so maybe this will be the way it is and be its own little thing.”

I don't think they need a soap writer to fix this, from the moment I saw that scene I wasn't convinced he was actually dead and it was obvious to me there was an opening being left for him to return to the next film.

To me it felt like a cover-up for the people, framing Batman, faking the funeral, and all the while Two-Face was recovering in Arkham. I don't think that would be too much of a stretch do you?



Stranger things have happened, like that whole season of Dallas that were lead to believe was a dream sequence and never actually existed :-)

Well that is true, but I still think if you watch that scene there's a feeling that, dream sequences aside, he's not dead and the coming cover-up is to hide the fact he's alive too.


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