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Fantastic Four reboot underway

FantasticFour_Poster.jpgIt seems that the next Fantastic Four film is still signed up out with the recent Disney deal, and that means that 20th Century Fox are off to start developing it, hiring producers and a writer for the film.

Akiva Goldsman is going to be a producer unfortunately, not the writer, bit Michael Green steps up to write the script. He's previously written the script for The Green Lantern film.

There's nothing really about the update that gives anything away as to what they are planning for the Fantastic Four restart, or what's being billed as a restart. I do hope that means we're not seeing another origin story and that they are just leaping into the characters from the get go.

However the article from Variety does mention that 20th Century Fox retains the rights to make Fantastic Four, X-Men, Silver Surfer and Daredevil films as long as they keep churning them out, which for the X-Men is something they undoubtedly mean to do. The rest? I'm not so sure. Fantastic Four may only get one more chance at being successful.

What is interesting though, and might be complete speculation, is that there's no news if any of the original cast will return, something I'm not sure is the right move. After all, was the problem with the film really the cast, or the overly light, skim over the top script?

A restart is a good idea, but not a restart as in going back to the beginning of the story. I'd rather that they just continued where they left off in story terms, with the same actors who really weren't that bad a choice, and make it more realistic in terms of writing. Give them less one liners and light hearted moments and bring in the reality of life and the darkness of the world around them. Give them some depth.

Do you think that the Fantastic Four can be saved? Does the cast need a complete replacement from the previous two films?



Never liked the Fantastic Four movies. Maybe on it's tenth restart I might change my mind. Give me Silver Surfer anyday.


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