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Ford reveals Indiana Jones V has agreement

IndianaJones.jpgOne of the biggest issues with getting a fourth Indiana Jones film off the ground, and why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Filmstalker review) took so long to come to the big screen was that the two key people involved couldn't decide on a story.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg kept going back and forth on the idea apparently, but according to Harrison Ford, that's not happening this time and the idea is already agreed and George Lucas is writing the script right now.

Heaven help us. We'll see CGI cute animals galore, huge CGI sequences taking the place of decent action ones, and mammoth implausible and downright silly plot holes, all taking Indiana Jones to the modern world and closer to his son taking over the hat and the whip...well actually burning them for his leather jacket and switch blade knife, like that'll work.

The appeal of Indiana Jones is that it's like those old serials, just made much better and packed full of real, mostly practical stunts. It was stuck in that era and it made for a wonderfully endearing character and that's who we all fell for.

The last film couldn't decide which way to go. Steven Spielberg's original vision of Indy did battle with a newer, modernised version filled with CGI and atypical Hollywood clichés, as well as a younger, slicker, dumber model. You guess which “creative” wanted which route.

Now, according to People through Coming Soon, Harrison Ford is revealing that George Lucas is sitting down to write the script after they all decided on the idea for the next film.

”Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I'll be very happy to put the costume on again.”

Well that's a big if. If you fancy silly animals, CGI and less of you as Indy, then you're getting the script of your dreams.

Let's wait to see how long the title is. Please don't make it in 3D as well.



As soon as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull started and the Paramount mountain dissolved into a mole hill I knew straight away that things would be sloppy. It could of easily of been something else, another mountain perhaps? I know it sounds silly but I was expected it to dissolve to something grand like in the previous three films.

I didn't like KOTCS and I went to the cinema a second time to try and convince myself it's a great, fun film. It failed me again.

I would like another film though. I don't think it would be wise to leave us with our burnt memories of Jones. The main problem I find with Crystle Skull is the character of Matt Williams. He wasn't needed and he wasn't wanted. I didn't mind the story at all, in fact I thought it was cool and exciting.

The film should of dealt with the death of Henry Jones more and maybe had the story about Indy going on a revenge spree on route to find out a mysterious source that was involved in the killing of his father.

Totally agree Billy. The film should have dealt with his Father's passing and kept in the same vein as the previous, and that would have given them some time to reintroduce the character before thinking of passing on the mantle, because let's face it, they're off to do that anyway.

I think you can see two sides of KOTCS, there's the old Spielberg Indy and the new Lucas Indy, and it's clear which one works and which doesn't.


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