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Frears adapting Tamara Drewe

GemmaArterton.jpgStephen Frears is set to adapt a live action version of Posy Simmonds' Tamara Drewe the graphic novel of the Guardian serialised cartoon, itself an adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd.

It's very notable that the adaptation is getting such a well respected director who has admitted to loving the author's stories, but more so is the leading role for the actress who will play Tamara Drewe herself.

The story follows Tamara Drewe, a woman who was once a wall flower in her small village, but through time being in the big bad world, has become a much more confident, beautiful and desired woman, apparently with some surgical help.

She returns to the village she grew up in and resides in her parent's home and begins causing a stir with some of the locals whose lives become entangled with her own.

From all accounts the story of Tamara Drewe is a superb one, and very thoughtful and intelligent too, much like the praise that is heaped upon her other works, so seeing Stephen Frears head up the adaptation of the live action film version is a fair indication that the film will be a strong one.

What's more is that Variety tells us who the lead is, already cast, Tamara Drewe will be Gemma Arterton. Previously she's been seen as a conquest of James Bond, one of the girls in the dreadful modern remake of St. Trinian's, and some costume dramas, but this marks a real move forward for her, a real leading role on a major production.

The article also tells us that she'll be joined by Dominic Cooper, Roger Allam, Luke Evans, Bill Camp and Tamsin Greig with the script adapted by Moira Buffini. The filming will begin in October and in the UK too, at Pinewood.



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