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From Paris With Love trailer online

FromParisWithLove.jpgThe complete trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris With Love has arrived online. Following on from his very strong Taken (Filmstalker review) starring Liam Neeson he's enlisted Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Travolta to star in another action film that looks to have similar pace and drive.

The film sees Meyers as a relatively new employee in the US Embassy in Paris who has been tasked with escorting an American spy into the country in order for him to stop a terrorist attack happening.

It looks very similar to the films that Luc Besson, who is co-writer, and Europacrop produce, action hard and fast, but with a strong enough plot not to descend into total action nonsense. Then there's the presence of two fine actors in the leading roles to consider and we could be looking at something of a cut above the standard here.

I'm not convinced by the trailer though. It's very rough and doesn't deliver the level of story and connection that I'd want. All it seems to be is a collection of scenes of action, once we get the introduction moment out of the way of course.

Here's the trailer for From Paris With Love courtesy of Brendan at /Film, who doesn't really need my help to point out that they were the first to have it online, but not many people are giving them that credit.

Is it just me or is the trailer doing little justice to From Paris With Love?



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