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Fuqua's new thriller

AntoineFuqua.jpgAntoine Fuqua, The Replacement Killers, Training Day and Tears of the Sun, all titles that are good to great films that really do show what a great director he can be. King Arthur, Shooter, Brooklyn's Finest, other films that create a mixed bag of responses.

Still, Fuqua is a powerful thriller director with the right script and cast to hand, and now he's in final negotiations for his next film, Prisoners, based on a screenplay by new writer Aaron Guzikowski.

Right now Antoine Fuqua is directing Pablo Escobar, one of the two films about the Columbian drug trafficker, smuggler, money launderer and murderer who was at the head of a drug cartel. However he's also in negotiations to helm something that sounds like it will play more to his strengths, a thriller with one man standing up to injustice.

According to the article in Screen Daily, the story is about a carpenter whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped and who clashes with the detective trying to solve the case, because of their inability to save them, the man takes the law into his own hands and goes after the kidnappers.

The producers and Fuqua are currently looking at casting, and while the plot sounds very simple and following in the Taken (Filmstalker review) mould, it does seem that it's something of hot territory for Fuqua. Thinking of his best films to date he is all about the man fighting injustice against odds too great for him, and he can really deliver the thriller to boot.



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