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Ghost Rider sequel begins

GhostRider.jpgIt's a stretched out joke, but the talk of a Ghost Rider sequel that we've heard from Nicolas Cage could well be happening, and with a better bit of talent behind the flaming anti-hero.

It seems work has begun on the sequel and the writer of Batman Begins and Blade is being courted to develop the story for the return to the big screen.

David S. Goyer's spokespeople have stated that he hasn't signed the deal for Ghost Rider 2 yet, but that negotiations are ongoing and that the story would perhaps be based on a script that Goyer wrote some years ago, possibly before the current Ghost Rider was seen.

There's other talk of superhero films in the article from Variety through Cinema Blend, and it reveals that as Disney bought Marvel, so the studios with rights on certain characters are racing to get them back on film.

They reveal that Fox is quietly working on a new Daredevil as well as a Silver Surfer film and Universal is working on a Sub-Mariner film too. Finally the story reveals that Avi Arad, the man behind many of these Marvel films, is looking at producing a CGI animated film of Popeye.

Popeye aside, it's great news that they are looking to restart Daredevil, a fantastic character ruined by the previous screen outing, Ghost Rider I am less excited about, in fact Silver Surfer and Sub-Mariner are well above that choice, however it has a fighting chance with Goyer's script, perhaps not so much with Nicolas Cage.



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